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Beyond the Vine

The place to come for creative ways to enjoy your wine, like preparing the perfect charcuterie board to pair with your wine as well as a behind-the-scenes peek of life at Acquiesce. Join us in the tasting room, vineyard and kitchen for stories about our passions.

Reflections 2023

Vintage Update

Aging White Wines

Terroir Abroad

New Year, New Era

Lodi Appellation Inclusion Collective

Cook, Drink, Learn 2

Women In The Arena Podcast

Cook, Drink, Learn

Fall Virtual Tasting Experience

Harvest Series 2020 Bourboulenc with Sue and the Wine Mistress!

Harvest Series 2020: Final Pick Bourboulenc

Harvest Series 2020: Roussanne Part 2

Harvest Series 2020: Roussanne Part 1

Harvest Series 2020: Viognier

Vintage 2020: the winemaker’s notes on the growing season to date

Somm Thursday, Episode 8 – Our newly released 2018 Sparkling Grenache Blanc

Virtual Summer Tasting Experience With Sue

Acquiesce Virtual Tasting Experience

Somm Thursday, Episode 7 – 2016 Roussanne and ageability of white wines

Somm Thursday – Clairette Blanche & Charcuterie

Somm Thursday, Episode 5 – Norma and Sue – our 2019 Grenache Blanc

Somm Thursday, Episode 4 – a comparison of our 2018 and 2019 Viognier

Our newly released 2019 Picpoul Blanc on Somm Thursday!

It’s Somm Thursday! Featured today: our 2019 Grenache Rosé

Introducing Somm Thursdays at Acquiesce!