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Robin Black
June 18, 2020 | Robin Black

Somm Thursday, Episode 7 - Norma Poole discusses our 2016 Roussanne and the ageability of white wines

Norma talks about the ageability of white wines in this week's Somm Thursday, and guides us through a tasting of a special library selection, the Acquiesce 2016 Roussanne. We only have a couple of cases left of this special wine, so if you'd like to purchase a bottle ($32), you'll find it here at this link.

And don't forget: Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!

Time Posted: Jun 18, 2020 at 1:10 PM
Robin Black
June 11, 2020 | Robin Black

Somm Thursday, Episode 6 - Norma and Guest Suzanne Ledbetter Discuss Clairette Blanche and Charcuterie!

Norma is joined for this week's Somm Thursday by Suzanne Ledbetter, food writer for San Joaquin Magazine and the blogger behind Fine Foodie Philanthropist to discuss pairing Acquiesce Clairette Blanche with a charucterie board, and just what goes into assembling a great charcuterie board.

charcuterie board

And don't forget: Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!


Time Posted: Jun 11, 2020 at 3:26 PM
Robin Black
May 14, 2020 | Robin Black

Somm Thursday, Episode 5 - Norma and Sue Tipon discuss our 2019 Grenache Blanc

Norma sits down with owner and winemaker Sue Tipton to discuss our 2019 Grenache Blanc, one of our consistently most popular varieties. Follow along as they discuss this complex, beautiful wine and why it's such a food-friendly wine.

Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!

Time Posted: May 14, 2020 at 11:18 AM
Robin Black
May 7, 2020 | Robin Black

Somm Thursday, Episode 4 - a comparison of our 2018 and 2019 Viognier

Our estate-grown Viognier is consistently one of our most highly awarded wines, and today Norma compares the 2018 and 2019 vintages in a mini vertical tasting, and offers some great food pairing ideas as well.

Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!

Time Posted: May 7, 2020 at 11:08 AM
Robin Black
April 30, 2020 | Robin Black

Our newly released 2019 Picpoul Blanc on Somm Thursday!

Our extremely popular "lip stinger"--our estate-grown Picpoul Blanc--is featured on today's Somm Thursday. Join Norma as she discusses the aromas and flavors of our 2019 Picpoul Blanc, and offers some great food pairing ideas including the scallop pancakes featured in the video. Find the recipe here.

Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!


Time Posted: Apr 30, 2020 at 11:25 AM
Robin Black
April 23, 2020 | Robin Black

It's Somm Thursday! Featured today: our 2019 Grenache Rosé

We're back with the second installment of our new Somm Thursday, featuring our resident sommelier and wine educator Norma Poole!

Norma is exploring one of our favorites today, and the only pink wine in our lineup--our 2019 Grenache Rosé. Follow along as Norma discusses the aromas and flavors of this wine, and offers some great food pairing ideas.

Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!


Time Posted: Apr 23, 2020 at 10:41 AM
Robin Black
April 2, 2020 | Robin Black

Introducing Somm Thursdays at Acquiesce!

Our resident sommelier and wine educator Norma Poole is normally on hand for all of your wine and wine pairing suggestions in the tasting room every Thursday, but while we all #StayHome we thought we'd start up some virtual tastings to share with you here (and we're having so much fun with them, they'll be a regular feature).

For today's virtual tasting, she's chatting about our gold medal winners Belle Blanc and Clairette Blanche, and some possible Easter dinner (and Easter dinner leftovers) pairings.

Do you have any questions for Norma? Send an email to and let us know--we just might feature it on a future Somm Thursday!


Time Posted: Apr 2, 2020 at 12:41 PM
Robin Black
March 26, 2020 | Robin Black

Walking the Walk: Sustainability Changes at Acquiesce!

If you’ve already received your spring release you may have noticed the new addition to the Acquiesce family: our custom bottle with Lady Acquiesce embossed on the bottom!Lady Acquiesce Embossed on Bottom of New Bottles

After more than a year of research, design and planning, we are excited to show off our new proprietary bottles. This slightly sleeker, significantly lighter glass bottle is a custom design imported from Italy. We will save an estimated 12,600 pounds per year in glass with this lighter bottle—that’s an average of about three pounds per case, or four ounces per bottle! And yes, it holds the same 750ml of wine, as always. You will also notice when you receive your spring selection that we are no longer using Styrofoam, which cannot be recycled. All packing we use is now made from recyclable paper and pulp.

This will significantly lighten our carbon footprint on shipping while still maintaining the beautiful, iconic curved bottles we’ve all come to love as emblematic of Acquiesce’s premium Rhône-style white wines. And instead of the punt—that depression on the bottom of the bottle—we now show off our Lady Acquiesce. In this side-by-side picture, our 2018 Belle BlaPhoto of old and new Acquiesce bottlesnc is on the left and our 2019 Belle Blanc in the newly designed bottle is on the right.

Those of you who’ve told us our voluptuous bottles can be a tricky fit in a wine rack will really love the new design, which should fit into standard racks with no problems. It’s also a little easier to grip the new streamlined bottle for pouring, so it’s an improvement on all levels.

Better in your hand, better in your wine rack, and better for the environment.

Compare it to its predecessor and see if you can tell how that reduction was achieved!

Stay tuned for more sustainability updates from Acquiesce—we think you’ll love the changes we’re making that are better for you, and better for the planet!

Time Posted: Mar 26, 2020 at 4:29 PM
Robin Black
February 10, 2020 | Robin Black

Taking Home the Gold at the American Fine Wine Competition!

Our wines continue to collect accolades, and we’re delighted to get 2020 off to a great start by picking up several medals at the prestigious American Fine Wine Competition (AFWC).

Our Viognier, which picked up a gold medal at last month’s San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, was awarded Best of Class at the AFWC!

This particular competition began in 2007 and has quickly become one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the U.S, with fewer than 1,000 wines invited to participate.

Here’s more on this invitation-only competition:

“The American Fine Wine Competition is exclusive and by ‘invitation only.’ Only wines tasted and considered "world-class" are invited by an AFWC judge or one of our Wine Acquisition Team members. Our mission is to seek out those wines that are the best of the best.”

In addition to our Viognier’s Best of Class recognition, these are the other Acquiesce winners, by category:

  • Belle Blanc – Other White Blend – Gold Medal
  • Ingénue – Other White Blend – Silver Medal
  • Sparkling Grenache Blanc – Sparkling – Silver Medal

We think our premium Rhȏne-style wines are truly world-class, and it’s always an honor when other wine professionals agree!


Time Posted: Feb 10, 2020 at 9:46 AM
Robin Black
January 4, 2020 | Robin Black

The Ageability of White Wines

When we think about aging wines and holding some of our better bottles aside, most of us probably think only in the realm of red wines. But did you know some white wines age beautifully, too? They do!

Acquiesce White Wines on a TableWe humans have known for a long time—as far back as ancient Greece and Rome—that wine can improve with age. It’s even mentioned in the Book of Luke in the New Testament that old wines are valued over new wines. But over the millennia, we’ve refined our knowledge to knowing not *all* wines age well. Some, say a Beaujolais Nouveau, are best consumed very young. But well-crafted wines—yes, even white wines!—with good acidity and medium to full body can change and improve over the years they spend in the bottle.

Let’s talk about esters.

“Esters are the aromatic, fruity compounds in wine, formed during fermentation, malolactic fermentation (MLF) and ageing. There are many factors that influence the types and quantities of esters present and although all of them are not positive contributors, as a group, they are a major constituent of wine.” (WineLand Media-will include hyperlink in blog)

Esters vary from fruit to fruit—a green apple, for example, is loaded with naturally occurring or endemic esters. But wine grapes have far fewer natural esters. So where do all those complex wine aromas come from? WineLand explains:

“Research has identified 11 different esters in grape juice, but wine can have up to 83; this affects the wine’s flavour and complexity in proportion to their presence. Esters are formed when an acid reacts with alcohol, eliminating a water molecule in the process.”

Acquiesce’s wines never go through MLF, so the esters in our wines happen via fermentation, and (if you have the willpower to cellar them for a few years) AGING!

You Say You Want an Evolution?

And this is where wine gets VERY interesting. While a young bottle of white wine, say our 2018 Viognier, has very up-front fruit flavors and aromas, its sibling that’s a few years older will have grown up. Instead of the intense leading notes and flavors of fruit, you may find those aromas and flavors more complex and layered. The strong fruity esters of youth may give way to esters that hint at honeycomb or a subtle almond flavor. Compare the tasting notes of our 2018 Viognier with its 2015 sibling, which we recently poured for guests at our Acquiesce En Blanc dinner:

“Fields” of lavender, ultra-intense and fragrant, with faint suggestions of peach and exotic/spiced flower notes; firm, medium full body, yet light and airy in the feel.  Reminiscent of honeyed tangerine and peach, this wine is crisp and dry, yet round on the palate. Aroma of violets, followed by a long, dry finish.”  -2018 Acquiesce Viognier

And after a few years of bottling aging?

“Aromatic suggestions of slate, minerality, stone fruit and dried tea rose petals enhance the delicate mid-palate of Chinese herbs, fennel, and lemongrass, creating a lingering finish.”  -2015 Acquiesce Viognier

Granted, these are different wines of different vintages, so the flavor and aroma makeup of the wine can and will vary somewhat from year to year. But our style and approach at Acquiesce has been consistent from the beginning, so while the wines may differ a bit with each vintage, they are still reliably similar. Those extra years in the bottle, however, create greater layers in complexity with the aromas and flavor profile, introducing new tertiary flavors that come on with age (the minerality, the herbiness, the more subtle fruit).

What to Expect With an Aged White Wine.

The first thing you’ll probably notice from a white wine with some bottle age is a change in color. The pale, bright straw color of the new white wine will grow into a slightly deeper gold color. The aromas may change slightly, and there may even be off-aromas initially; don’t be surprised by this, but also don’t let it concern you too much. This is where decanting comes in. Yes, you should consider decanting older white wines, just as you would with a red wine! Those types of aromas should “blow off” (or mostly evaporate) once it’s had a chance to open up a bit. Think of the wine as stretching its legs after being in a cramped position for a long time.

Then comes the fun part; once decanted, you get to discover how that fruity youngster has developed. Where there was bright tangerine before, you may detect hints of honeycomb or candied citron. Where the acids practically danced in the glass in a newly made wine, you may find the acid making its presence known in more subtle ways, along with hints of wet slate or a slight brininess. Take your time with these wines and let them reveal themselves as you sip and savor.

Our first commercial vintage was 2011, so we are only just now able to explore bottle age in Acquiesce wines ourselves, and we’re loving what we’re tasting so far. We are confident that with proper storage (keep away from light and heat), our wines will continue to age beautifully in bottle up to 10 years (and perhaps beyond!).

As difficult as it may be to hold back a few bottles of our bright, lovely wines for aging, we think you’ll love the result as much as we do.

Time Posted: Jan 4, 2020 at 10:45 AM